Construction of wharves

Due to the great number of different types of reservoirs, building of such constructions is particularly relevant for the north part of Russia and such countries as Finland and the Netherlands. The “Hydro Continent” company specializes in construction of hydraulic structures, adapted to permanent contact with water. Our company provides a vast of construction services such as building of piers, docs, dams, landing slips, using our own developed technologies and gained experience.

Depending on the purposes and characteristics of ponds, we perform building of wharves for mooring of different kinds of vessels.

Stationary piers

Stationary piers are built, as a rule, for heavy-tonnage vessels mooring. However, it is also useful to build such piers for small size vessels (i. e. motor boats, yachts, boats) mooring, in water areas with a heavy swell or ice drift.

Using of particular materials in the construction depends upon the type of the whole construction.

Wharves with piles

The construction is based on supporting pillars (piles) that are driven or screwed in the bottom of the pond. Of course, the price of such kind of wharves is lower, but it is more vulnerable to ice loadings.

Moreover, the design of the wharf could be performed in any desirable shape so it provides a protection for vessels against heavy swell.

Mooring pontoons

The core construction of such a wharf is based on pontoons. Pontoons are usually made of metal, plastic and concrete. Piers made of concrete could be left in the water during the winter, while metallic and plastic pontoons must be moved. It is better to install these piers on small, sheltered from wind and water streams, ponds.

It is possible to install these piers in waters with heavy swell, although in such a case there is a necessity of a protective dam that shelters the pier and a watercraft from waves.