Creation of artificial channels and islands

At the moment most of the villages are located nearly pods. A cottage village becomes more attractive and even more expensive if there is a small artificial lake located nearby.

Building of artificial islands

Creation of a small artificial island could improve even small and plain body of water. An artificial island could be built in both: large water area and in the marshlands (taking into account implementation of works on marsh cleaning). The technology of island construction includes installing of supporting structures (i.e. sheet piles and gabions) that are placed along the coastline of the future island. Then it includes filling up the island with bottom soil that allows solving the problem with utilization of bottom sediments and soil. Applying of the dredging complex of the “Prospect” company allows to create unique coastal landscape by building an artificial island or a chain of islands of different configuration. An artificial island could be connected with the coast.

Building of artificial channels

The technology of artificial islands building with the use of dredging complex allows designing and creating artificial channels. This sphere of works provides not only solutions for various practical problems as changing of stream flow directions without any harm to the environment, but also solutions for tasks of creation of new land areas and changing of the current natural landscape.