Coastal landscape

Creation of coastal landscape is the most interesting and creative activity, that can help you to realize your dreams and wishes about the design of your homestead land.

Creation of the coastal landscape needs a special technology called gabion that is used to prevent coastline damages.

Beach construction

Beach construction is an extremely complex task that requires special work preparations. A bottom of a pond, as a rule, is heavily silted and covered with aquatic plants (i. e. reed, sedge, and alga). In such a case, filling up a coastline with sand while the bottom is covered with silt, becomes meaningless. As a result, sand will mix up with silt and negative all efforts. So thus firstly it is vital to carry out bottom clearing. Furthermore, undertake special activities that could prevent sand mixing and then fill up the construction area with sand.

All these works are performed with the use of the special dredging complex from the water surface. Implementation of overland equipment would be inappropriate because of the fact that it becomes impossible to control the quality of the created bottom and uniformity of the filling work, installing of headwalls.

Possible sizes depend on the length of the coastline (or customer’s demands) and the width from water edge (due to beach surface angleof gradient and the depth of the water body).