There are various natural processes that could lead to siltation and overgrowing in ponds. Because of the fact that ponds grow shallow and warm up quickly, it leads to rapid growth of aquatic plants and generation of bacteria. These processes prevails in small water bodies such as lakes and ponds.

If not maintained, the materials will accumulate and create a blockage, which restricts natural river or channel flow and makes the waters very shallow. Consequently, waterways become less accessible to a lot of ships.

In addition to these natural processes, there is negative human impacts that accelerate these processes.

There are various types of special vessels called dredgers, that are used to restore normal water micro-flora, or to create and restore bottom profile.

The “Hydro Continent” company uses specially developed mobile dredging complex, that provides the possibility of working on large water areas, small reservoirs, marshlands and hard-to-reach areas.