Marshes cleaning and ponds creation

At the moment a significant number of small ponds were transformed into marshes, mainly because of humans adverse impact on its environment. Furthermore, it is vital to maintain lakes with stagnant or low flowing water. Without any maintenance, water surface is covered with aquatic plants, algal blooms and a bottom is covered with silt. Usually sanitation of a lake should be carried out once a year. A deep cleaning should be undertaken once every decade. And if it is needed carry out removing of petroleum products and other pollution from water surface of a lake.

All the procedures as cleaning and maintenance of a lake should be carried out very carefully and by taking into account all factors of ecological balance. Removing of all the aquatic plants would lead to ecological imbalance of a lake. In such a cases, it is necessary to undertake vigorous thinning. There are several procedures that could be done simultaneously, for example, a lake fauna improvement, planting of water and land plants.

Technical capacities of the dredging complex of the “Prospect” company in combination with bank stabilization works, allow to restore body of water: – remove aquatic plants, bog muck; remove blockage of well springs, sikes, that feed a pond. Bank stabilizing complex allows to create required coastal landscape.