Bank Stabilization

As a way of preventing coastline damages, we install gabions as relieving walls that could prevent coastline damages. An additional point is that, it will help to save natural plant formation that covers coastal soil. One of the main advantages of such constructions is its relatively low cost. Moreover, the mobility of elements increases operational durability of the whole construction, especially in changing weather conditions.

It would be advisable to use sheet piles for strengthening of cliff and high coasts. However, it is impossible to install sheet piles in hard-to-reach areas, so thus in such cases we use wooden piles made from softwood, mainly from larch-tree. Installation of piles is carried out with the help of the dredging complex with the subsequent formation of the coastal landscape.

It is important to notice that works that are carried out with the use of sheet piles mean significant costs, in contrast to works with piles made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and gabions. Furthermore, sometimes using of sheet piles becomes impossible because of the hard-to-reach area where the works are carried out.

Gabion is a spacious construction of different shapes and purposes filled with rocks, stones.
There are several types of gabions:

Box shaped gabion

This type of gabions (with the length from 1,5 m up to 4 m and with the width from 0,5 m up to 1 m) as a rule, are used for building of headwalls that protect unstable slopes and cliffs against land erosion. These gabions have wide application in works on strengthening of water banks, because of the fact that the structure of this type of gabions withstands deformation shifts without limpness.

Mattress gabions

This type of gabions are used for stiffening of large bank slopes and also for protection of banks against wave loadings. Moreover, composite construction of mattress and box-shaped gabions is used in works connected with building of bank protective constructions against stream bank erosion.

Piles made from PVC

Using of sheet piles for bank stabilizing is a modern and cost-effective solution for different works in this sphere.

One more type of gabions that is an excellent material for bank strengthening – piles made from PVC. Combination of such factors as lightweight (piles made from PVC or composite), ease of installation and low price makes it a very effective and practical solution for the problem of bank stabilization. The material of piles made from (PVC or composite) does not need any additional preservation or maintenance, which ensures economical use of sheet piles system.