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Building of such constructions is particularly relevant for the north part of Russia and such countries as Finland and the Netherlands, due to the great number of different types of reservoirs. The “Hydro Continent” company specializes in construction of hydraulic structures, adapted to permanent contact with water. Our company provides a vast of construction services such as building of piers, docs, dams, landing slips, using the experience of our developed technologies and experience

The “Hydro Continent” company also provides services in design and construction of multi-purpose dams and dikes. According to the fact that there are a lot of various natural and technical factors that must be taken into account in work connected with building of such constructions, so that only highly skilled specialists should perform these works.

A slipway is a special construction for lifting and launching watercrafts to and from the water. A slip consists of two parts – one is above water and another is under water. The part that is under water provides the possibility to dip a vessel into water. The slipway could be optionally equipped with rail tracks for ship trucks.

The “Hydro Continent” company carries out works of bank stabilization, by using various technologies.
Among the most common are the following: Stabilizing banks with metallic sheet piles (sheet pile “Larsena”), PVC sheet piles, wooden piles

Coastal landscape is the most interesting and creative activity, where you can realize your dreams and wishes about the design of your homestead land.
Land improvement is creation of common landscape architectural complex, which consists of harmonious blend of different elements.
It is worth noting, that land improving and site landscaping are solutions of various technical problems

At the moment a significant number of small reservoirs were transformed into marshes, mainly because of humans adverse impact on its environment.
Furthermore, it is vital to maintain lakes with stagnant or low flowing water

At the moment most of the villages are located nearly ponds.
A cottage village becomes more attractive and even more expensive if there is a small artificial lake located nearby. Our company can create a special coastal landscape (i.e. by constructing an artificial island or a chain of islands of various configurations, using a special dredging equipment of the “Hydro Continent” company.

The “Hydro Continent” company uses specially developed mobile dredging complex, that provides the possibility of working not only in large water areas, but in small reservoirs, marshlands and hard to reach areas. According to the fact that there is a set of replacement devices, it allows to carry out excavation of soil and foreign objects.