“Floating dredging complex” was developed and patented for carrying out works in the water areas. All the stages of developing, building and testing were conducted in the period of 2003-2005.

The complex consists of two core elements: working machine and flatbed truck. There are powerplant and loader crane with a hydraulic drive. A flatbed truck (barca) is intended for moving bottom soil, objects and materials (stones, sinken log, etc.).


Our Equipment
Our Equipment

The complex could be installed in any hard-to-reach ponds, marshlands. A couple of simple auto-trucks could carry out transportation of the dredger.

Installation of the complex is carried out in the water or in the marshland.

Because of the fact that the complex has a minimum level of draft, it can execute work in shallow waters or in waters with the bottom covered with rocks.

A powertrain of the complex is diesel, so thus complex is completely autonomous and does not need electrical power on the construction site.