About us

The company “Hydro Continent” is on the Russian construction market since 1994 year. Since 2004 the company has been operating mainly in the field of construction and cleaning of water areas, dredging and hydraulics (coastal zone landscape), cleaning of ponds, stabilizing of shorelines and stream banks.

Hydraulic works are performed by the means of unique patented complex called “Sprut”. The complex was designed and constructed by the group of highly qualified specialists of the company.

The technology of “Sprut” allows to perform any hydraulic works:

  • Dredging
  • Construction of artificial water areas, islands, peninsulas
  • Laying and depth dredging of fairways
  • Drilling of wells in shallow water, shelfs, and driving-in of piles
  • Cleaning of reservoirs and water areas
  • Coastal zone landscape
  • Bank revetment
  • Building of beaches