Hydraulic and
landscape works

Hydrotechnical works are carried out by means of the unique patented Sprut complex developed and constructed by specialists of the company

Our company

The company “Hydro Continent” is on the Russian construction market since 1994 year.

Since 2004 the company has been operating mainly in the field of construction and cleaning of water areas, dredging and hydraulics (coastal zone landscape), cleaning of ponds, stabilizing of shorelines and stream banks.

Hydraulic works are performed by the means of unique patented method called “Complex”. The complex was designed and constructed by the group of highly qualified specialists of the company. This modern unique system provides the possibility of construction activities from water surface: in shallow waters and at depth of up to 8 meters.


Our equipment

“Floating dredging complex” was developed and patented for carrying out works in the water areas.

A flatbed truck (barca) is intended for moving bottom soil, objects and materials (rocks, sinken log, etc.).

The complex could be installed in any hard-to-reach ponds, marshlands.